Saturday, 31 May 2008

Embankment Mute Swans

One of the mute swans on the river by the Embankment in Bedford.

Orange 549 (just to show I didn't make it up)

There were several more in the area:
All orange: 483, 502, 503, 553 and 575. A total of 6 with another 48 unringed swans milling about just waiting for anklets!


I owe Martin one for letting me ring this woodcock. It is thanks to him that the bird was caught in the first place. I tried repaying it with a trip to a long eared owl nest just over a week ago but sadly they'd vacated - we can't be sure but I think they were early. There's always next year :o)

A very cold morning but fantastic bird (the cold suddenly didn't matter!).

A second woodcock put a large hole in a net borrowed from Errol.

Oh, and the previous Woodcock caught in Bedfordshire was 27 years ago.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Priory Country Park Tit Boxes

The Great Tits are a week ahead, or more, of the Blue Tits which has enabled them to fledge (or be large enough to be generating their own heat) before the recent bad weather. On nest box evidence, the Blue Tits have been struggling to cope with the rain (4 dead pulli having been found in 2 nest boxes - 2 in each). Brood sizes are smaller than when we first checked the nest boxes (particularly Blue Tit).

Above: 7 Great Tits in the nest box.

Above: 4 Blue Tit's in the nest box. When this next box was rechecked later on, 2 dead pulli were found, while those left alive were still in pin.

Herons & Cormorants 30/03/08

Above: 2 Heron juveniles from the nest (2 of 2) [Ed & Graham]

Above: 1 Cormorant juvenile from the nest (1 of 3) [Ed]