Wednesday, 16 March 2011

BTO Bird Ringing - 'Demog Blog': Two birds in a million

BTO Bird Ringing - 'Demog Blog': Two birds in a million: "There are currently over 2700 volunteer bird ringers all over the country, ringing birds and collecting vital information on bird movements ..."

Monday, 14 March 2011

Chalton Sewage Treatment Works 13 March 2011

The session here proved a little more profitable than Stockgrove. The main thing being that Mike managed to repair the ride-on-mower. Fitting a new ignition switch after the other one had been stolen earlier in the year.

Despite this, we caught 20 birds of 7 species. ringed/retrapped

Blue Tit 1/6
Chaffinch 0/1
Great Tit 0/7
Grey Wagtail 1/1
Pied Wagtail 1/0
Redwing 1/0
Mute Swan 1/0

Stockgrove Countrry Park 6 March 2011

A coldish day was spent at the country park this morning. 24 birds were caught of 4 species.


Blue Tit 3/6
Great Tit 7/6
Nuthatch 1/0
Sparrowhawk 1/0

Also seen on side of tree trunk was a Long-eared Bat. Strange to be in such an exposed situation.