Monday, 27 October 2008

Perseverance pays off at last

A middle of the day session at the feeding station on a cold and, at times, blustery day with some late showers. The Blackcap moved from the 'long hedge' to 'the steps', by-passing the nets - so not able to see if it was a new one. Fifty birds in all, with one of those little green and yellow buggers at long last (a new species for the ringing list at PCP). Assisted by Andrew Cristinacce (he'll tell you how to pronounce this Corsican name).

As usual - new adults, new imms, re-traps:
Dunno 0/0/2 (incl H597265 from June 2003), Redwi 2/0/0 (where are the youngsters this year?), Goldc 0/0/1, Bluti 0/6/8 (incl 2 pulli from the boxes), Greti 0/1/1, Lotti 0/0/2, Chaff 0/2/2, Grefi 2/14/0, Goldf 0/3/0, Bullf 0/2/1, and SISKI 0/1/0.

3M (1CY) Siskin - 27-10-08 (2 ogc)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

CHA 19/10/2008

I was joined by Nicky for a disappointing session. Only 12 birds caught in the works area consisting of - Wren 1; Robin 2; Great Tit 1; Dunnock 1; Meadow Pipit 4; Blackbird 1 and Redwing 2.

Of note in the duck count were 60 gadwall and 2 wigeon.

Friday, 17 October 2008

16th October

All day ringing session in the "Rough", followed by a morning after sesh to let the nets dry, produced 90 birds of 17 spp. Fifty of these were new, 10 adults & 40 1CY birds, plus 40 retraps. 76 were caught on 16th.

In the retraps were a Wren from May '05, Dunnocks from Aug '04 & Apr '06, Blue Tits from May '03 (ringed as a pullus), Oct '05 & Oct '06, and a Bullfinch from May '04.
Here's the list, new birds first (adults/1CY) then retraps last
Wren 0/1/3, Dunno 0/2/6, Robin 0/1/4,
Blabi 0/3/2, Sonth 0/0/1, Redwi 1/0/0,
Blaca 0/3/0, Chiff 1/2/0, Goldc 2/1/1,
Lotti 0/0/2, Bluti 2/6/11, Greti 0/2/6,
Housp 1/0/0, Chaff 0/1/0, Grefi 2/9/2,
Goldf 0/7/0, Bullf 1/2/1.

The finches did not materialise at the feeding station until midday and Gt. Tits were noticeable by their relative absence. The 3 Blackcaps were all carrying a fair amount of fat (30,35 & 40) but only one remained the following day; it was a full moon with clear skies and light winds, temperature dropping to 4C.

We probably ringed the 2,000th new bird for the year today.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sat 11th Oct @ FS

Three hours at the Priory feeding station from 8 o'clock. Weather = sunny with a gentle SWly breese.

30 birds in all of which 9 were new adults, 14 new imms/juvs & 7 retraps - as follows.

Wren -/-/1, Dunno -/1/-, Robin -/1/2,
Blabi -/1/- (cont?), Sonth -/-/2, Redwi -/1/-,
Goldc 1/-/-, Bluti -/-/1, Greti 1/1/-,
Chaff 1/2/-, Grefi 4/4/1, Goldf 2/2/-,
Bullf -/1/-.

As you can see, the tits were noticeable by their absence. This may have been because the feeders were almost empty. Birds overhead included 8 Redwing, 2 Siskin, a Sky Lark, 2 House Martins & 2 Mipits.

Pics & additional material by Ed. [him with the new pliers!]

Above: A continental blackbird?

Above: One of many Greenfinch

Above: A Goldfinch

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's started.

At last. This morning [7th October] saw a few more Goldfinches than previous.
In August, it was mainly juveniles that came to the feeders in my garden.
Then, in September, it was the PJs (24) and adults (6) in moult that came, most at the beginning of the month, but only on wet, windy or cold mornings.
Today saw 7 imms and 3 adults (finishing moult) trapped plus a few that 'got away' ("net happy"?)
Two of the adults were carrying fat (F10/15), which is unusual at any other time, and they must have been migrants.
So far this year, I have ringed 93 in the garden (+ 25 r/t's); another 68 (26 at PCP, 25 at Broom) have been ringed by us this year (+ 4 r/t's)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Feeding station 02/10

The wind had died down so ...
A successful morning in the Rough with 36 captures of 10 spp; 4 new ad., 21 new imms., 11 re-traps (2 of which were adults).

Wren -/-/1, Sonth -/1/-, Redwi -/1/-,
Blaca -/2/-, Goldc -/-/1, Lotti -/-/1,
Bluti -/4/5, Greti 1/5/4,
Grefi 2/5/-, Goldf 1/2/-.

Both BC were in good condition if somewhat low on fat (F10,F15); M score was good, though. Perhaps recent passage immigrants? There was another male in the car park simultaneously.

The RE had 5 OGC and moulted T7 and retained T8,T9; it had also moulted Al1&2. This is not given in Jenni & Winkler. F1 & M2 with a long wing (>124), probably a male.

See the Priory blog for a list of other birds seen this morning