Sunday, 29 June 2008

CES - visit 6, 28/06

Back to business!
Today's session started off badly with sunshine and wind. It did pick up as time went by and got quite busy towards the end, what with newly fledged birds.
The totals are (new adult, new juv, retrapped):Whitethroat 2/-/- (males), Chiff -/3/-, Blackbird -/-/2, Wren 1/4/1 (a good day), Blackcap 2/4/1 (a very good day), Dunnock -/2/1, Gt.Tit -/1/- (wot! no ring!), Song Thrush 1/-/-, Robin -/1/-, and lastly, Kingfisher -/1/- ( the first in the 'rough' since 1995).
And some piccies by Ed:

Main fascination today was Swifts overhead (early) and then a Collared Dove toing-and-froing with nest materials (was going backwards & forwards all morning building the largest Collared Dove nest in history! - Ed).

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