Friday, 12 December 2008

Priory - 12/12

The weather was a bit more conducive for ringing today, more especially during the middle of the day. That's why we (+AXC) strung a line of nets up about 10 o'clock for a few hours.

Not many new birds - a 4F wren, a 3F Robin, a 3F continental Blabi, a 3F Bluti & a 3M Greti. Best bird was a retrap Bluti not recorded since it was ringed here as a 3M on 05-11-05 (1133 days).

The other 23 birds were all retraps - Lotti 3, Wren 1, Robin 2, Blabi 2, Bluti 9, Greti 6. There were just peanuts in the feeders. The squirrels have wrecked the big "squirrel proof" seed feeder by knawing through the top cover (as well as the ring and the bottom); replacements have been erected (at no cost) on very long 'wires'!.

Looks like no ringing tomorrow (Sat) - heavy rain forecast all day.

Other news - not much activity in the gardens after the (freezing) dawn rush of ringed/local birds. 11 new birds this week; Dunno, Bluti 2, Starl 3, Grefi 3 & Goldf 2. Norfolk - 76 all told incl. a new & r/t Marti and 15 new & 5 r/t Lottis, these in one "hit".

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