Sunday, 11 January 2009

Broom - 11th Jan

A bit of 'whoosh netting' practice this morning, just before the thaw started to set in. Object - to catch some Brambling and to check on species' 'cold weather' weights.

Brambling 6; first 2 = fat0, pec1, wt 21.0(6M), 19.2(5F); second 2 = fat4/4.5, pec 2, wt 28.4(5M), 25.8(6F); last 2 = fat1.5, pec 2, wt 23.6(5M), 24.1(5F). The first two were quite tame and obviously distressed but were adding weight at >0.5gm/hr. With temperatures improving, they might put on enough weight to survive and may even make the return migration.
Greenfinch19; the majority (13) were 5F's with wt range 25.8-33.5, all bar one in "good nick" (that one had probably moved recently but had a good weight, despite being short of pec muscle). Also 4x 5M's (wt 28.4-31.3) & 1x 6M that had low fat but good muscle (a local?).
Chaffinch 2; quite a few around but very flighty; both birds were adults, wt 17.5(M), 18.6(F) & poor fat/muscle scores.
Blackbird 2; both adult females, one "foreign" (wl 134, wt 138), one "local" (wl 129, wt 117)

We [EN & GA] have been invited back again in a months time for more ... Bramblings?

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