Monday, 9 November 2009

Chalton STW Sat 7th November

Well, while you lucky people in the North of the county were out ringing and enjoying yourselves, A band of volunteers joined me at Chalton for the long awaited erection. Yes, the new ringing hut is up. It took most of the day and a lot of hard graft.

First the old hut had to be emptied and moved so that we could use the sleepers it was resting on.

The electric cable had to be redirectd to the new hut.

And the new hut erected

My Thanks go to Mike Reed, Roy Ingram, Brendon Toms, Kieran Ray for their hard work and Maureen Buss for keeping all stocked with bacon and sausage rolls, pastries, tea and coffee.


Errol said...

You haven't put the IRG name plate up; or have you?

Errol said...

Well done and thanks to everyone who made this possible. I suppose it still needs to be fitted out for ringing - so you'll need to hurry up and catch some Mipits!
A pity we can't have one at Priory (security problem).