Sunday, 13 December 2009

Stockgrove CP 12/12/2009

I was joined by Roy and Toni for the session here. Unfortuneatly, Toni had to leave early. The weather was kindish to us but, we did have a spattering of rain. A total of 36 birds were caught of 7 species. This included 31 new and 5 retraps.

Chaff 4/1, Marti 0/1, Nuthatch 1/1, Coati 0/1, Greti 14/1, Wren 1/0, Robin 1/0, Bluti 8/0, Blabi 1/0.

We look forward to more visits at thia venue over the next couple of months.

At Chalton we filled the feeders but, there didn't seem too much about apart from 25 gadwall, 1 lone tufted duck and buzzard.

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Errol said...

It dumped on us in Norfolk, too. So glad I put the nets out Fri/Sat. See "Errol's other Blog" (Links in sidebar)