Monday, 31 January 2011

Chalton STW 30th January 2011

Only Mike, Roy and myself were present, but, not expecting too much as the feeding station had been moved yesterday. This is because National Grid are carrying out work to cables in the vicinity of the previous site.

However, 27 birds were caught of 8 species. Ringed(retrapped)

Blackbird 1(0)
Blue Tit 4(2)
Great Tit 2(4)
Grey Wagtail 2(0)
Mallard 1(0)
Pied Wagtail 4(0)
Robin 1(0)
Wren 0(1)

The Mallard is the first for the site. One of the Great Tits was ringed 13/11/2005 and another was a pullus of last year.

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