Monday, 23 May 2011

First Swallows make a summer for me

Having just written that it was 'on to Swallows', I ringed my first brood of Swallows for the year tonight in Cardington. 5 well grown young. The primaries were emerging from pin (just about in 'FM' stage - one to two thirds emerged).

The Swallows had apparently returned on about 23rd March and have re-used an old nest. It is well lined with horse-hair - but is going to be tight squeeze as they get bigger!

The other pair nesting in the shed and a pair just across the road were still on eggs.

P.S. We had the first 'significant' rain in Bedford today for many weeks (possibly since March). But when I say 'significant' it did nothing more than wet the ground during the afternoon; by the evening it had mostly dried up. This has been the driest spring that I can recall since moving here in 1980.

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