Thursday, 14 July 2011

Swallows - second broods well under way

I ringed two broods of Swallows this evening (4 pulli in one nest and 5 in the other) in a farm in Old Warden this evening. That brings the total Swallow pulli ringed so far this year to 80.

Many of the nests checked elsewhere still have eggs - such as the ones pictured here, in a farm in Cople this evening. Others haven't started re-laying yet.

Most of the first broods were ringed in a fairly short period between 23rd May and 26th June, the second broods (and some that possibly failed with their first broods or started much later) seem likely to be ringed between now and the end of August.

In addition to ringing, I managed to upgrade House Martin this evening for the Bedfordshire Bird Atlas, prooving breeding in tetrad TL14I, Sheerhatch Wood.

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