Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chalton STW 06/05/2012

An extremely pleasing start to the season. Although we have opted out of the CES due to the site changing rapidly it has meant we are able to put up nets in other areas.

Our first session for some time produced 84 birds. 63 new and 21 re-traps of 14 species which included two controls.

Blackbird            3/0
Blackcap             8/0
Blue Tit               2/8
Bullfinch             2/0
Dunnock             2/1
Great Tit             2/2
Long-tailed Tit    1/3
Reed Bunting     3/0
Reed Warbler     2/1
Sedge Warbler   9/3
Song Thrush      2/0
Swallow              23/0
Whitethroat        3/2
Wren                  1/1

We also had a Great-crested Grebe on one of the lagoons.

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