Sunday, 1 July 2012

Avoiding bad weather

The weather has been dominating proceedings recently. Wet and/or windy has been the theme of the weekends (mostly) whilst midweek (while I've been at work), the conditions have been more conducive to ringing.

This last weekend, a lot of time was spent twiddling thumbs and worrying about next weekends weather, so when an opportunity came up to take the day off today (with the wind and rain on a short holiday from Bedfordshire) I jumped at the chance.

A session at Sandy Smith Nature Reserve on Tuesday 26th produced 29 bird - 24 new and 5 retraps. In order of appearance & retraps in brackets they were as follows:

Sedge Warbler 4 (1) - 3 of the new birds were juveniles not long fledged (1J's)
Chaffinch 2 (0) - one of which was a juvenile
Whitethroat 3 (2) - one of the new bird was a juvenile
Great Tit 7 (0) - 4 of these were juveniles
Blackcap 4 (0) - 3 adult males and one adult female
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 (1) - one new juvenile and one retrap male in heavy moult
Starling 2 (0) - two adults, the second of which was in heavy moult
Blue Tit 1 (0) - a juvenile
Dunnock 0 (1) - a retrap female with a good brood patch.

 Above: A juvenile (1J) Sedge Warbler

Above: A juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker 

Above: David with a ringing tick - an adult Starling. This was one of two caught today - these being only the second and third ringed at the site.

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