Wednesday, 20 August 2008

20th Aug & progress

Ed and I put a net up across the yard entrance at PCP this morning "before work".
21 birds caught incl. these 5 retraps - 1 Greti & 2 Bluti from the boxes. a young Reewa and VX36122, ringed as a pullus on 17-05-03 and recaught many times now.
New birds ringed were 1 Dunno, 4 ad. Greti, 4 ad. Bluti, 3 Chaff (2 juv males), and 4 Housp (all 3's in moult).

For a bit of fun I've looked up the rate we've ringed new birds so far this year.
First blood to MA on 01-01, a Greti.
100th on 09-02, a Goldf
200th on 15-02, a Dunno
300th on 02-03, a Bramb
400th on 10-04, a Woodp
500th on 05-05, a White
600th on 17-05, a Greti pull
700th on 19-05, a Garwa
800th on 24-05, a Bullf
900th on 29-05, a Bluti pull
1000th on 31-05, a Bluti pull
1100th on 11-06, a Bluti
1200th on 29-06, a Starl
1300th on 17-07, a Blaca
1400th on 01-08, a Garwa
So far, over 1500 new rings this year (data outstanding).

Will we catch another 1,000 new birds? Let's hope so!

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