Saturday, 16 August 2008

CES V.11 - 16th Aug

A reasonable day, weather wise. Light winds at first but becoming breezy. A bit too cloudy with the sunny intervals waning. 27 birds in all, 4 of them in the extra net.

The significant things today were all the young Chiffs about, the Wilwas passing through, the 3J now 3 Blackcaps retrapped and it looks like the Tits are roaming at last, as they come to the end of their moult.
It's turning out to be a good year for "Mavis", too.

Wren - 0/0/1, Dunno - 0/1/0, Blabi - 0/1/0, Sonth* - 0/2/0, Reewa - 0/2/0, White - 1/1/0, Blaca - 0/3/3,Chiff* - 0/6/1, Wilwa - 0/2/0, Goldc* - 0/1/0, a really young one! Bluti - 0/2/0.

Ed took some photos of these * birds.

Above: A 3J Goldcrest

Above: This bird is saying 'You Song of a Thrush!'

Above: Chiff Chaff - the bird of the day.

No heavy birds today. It looks like this season is going to be a poor one overall.

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