Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bargo news just in - Red B/P

We have received a late record (see above) of this bird at Welshpool, Powys, 200 kilometers WNW from Roxton (Beds) on 5th June.

Old Moor [RSPB] nr. Wath upon Dearne

Since leaving Drayton Bassett (Staffs) on or after 9th May, it turned up after a week at Sandbach Flashes (Ches) on the 16th May, 87 km further north. It was sighted there with 5 other Barnacles, one of which is the local feral bird. Three weeks later on 5th June, he or she was spotted in Welshpool (Powys) 75 km to the south-west. Over a week later on 17th June, it (I really mean this "male" and his four companions) turned up the other side of the Pennines near Wath upon Dearne (S.Yorks) which is a further 154 km north-easterly this time.
However, the day after, 18th June, they were all 5 seen together down at Rutland Water (Leics), amounting to a days travel of 106 km in a southerly direction.
What are these birds doing if not looking for somewhere to colonise? 1295590 was ringed as an adult back in July 2005. Where were they during the intervening month (May/June)?

Thanks to all those who keep us informed of the wanderings of our colour-marked Barnies!
[See original Blogs of 9th & 21st May]

PS. There were only 2 companions when B/P was seen at Slimbridge in winter 07/08.

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Errol said...

Amended (7th July)to include Welshpool sighting on 5th June.