Friday, 26 June 2009

CES visit 6 - Priory 26/06

The last of the "visit 6's" squeezed in before the thunderstorms and the cut-off date. It was a dull day with a gentle easterly. 44 birds "stuck" in the nets during the 6-hour session; Mark Fitz (C) turned up for some practice and a chat (I got him a new WT site afterwards) and Ed (rising-C) did as much as he dare before a late start at work. A crowded site today! [The whole area is less than 2.5 acres/1 hectare]

12 species were handled, of which 36 were new birds, 32 juvs, & top species - Chiffchaff.
[adult/juv/r-t] Woopi 1/0/0, Wren 1/2/2, Dunno 0/4/1,n Robin 0/5/1, Blabi 1/3/1, Chiff 1/6/1, Garwa 0/0/1, Blaca 0/6/1, Bluti 0/1/0, Greti 0/2/0, Magpi 0/1/0, Chaff 1/1/0.
With 2 new species for the year, I think we're now on 37 all told for 2009. [Not bad for little, dry, inland Beds. ]
Two species we don't normally catch at Priory - Magpie (above) and Wood Pigeon (below).
Showed the visiting kiddies (a well behaved year 3) a couple of birds; a surprise extra on their 'wildlife day' out of the classroom. During the summer term, we have to share a small part of the enclosure with them - by then we are three-quarters done, anyway.

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