Saturday, 4 July 2009

CES Visit 7, Priory 04/07

A brilliant day, 25 degrees C, all sun and little wind! 39 birds today (plus at least 5 'bouncers') of 11 species. There were 28 juveniles; 23 of them were newbies. Some trainee got a wished for ringing tick!

Above: Green Woodpeckers are not a bird we normally catch, so somewhat of a surprise. For more photographs of this 5M (red in the malar stripe = M), see Ed's Blog.

He thinks that was 'special', but the real 'glory bird' was a female Song Thrush ringed as a '3' back in September 2003! We also caught one of our own Chiffs - but not from this site! Look out Icklesham - they're on their way, already!

Todays totals (new ad/new juv/re-trap):
Grewo 1/0/0, Wren 1/0/2, Dunno 0/7/1 (not quite top bird), Robin 0/4/2, Blabi 0/0/1, Sonth 0/0/1, Reewa 0/1/1, White 0/2/0, Blaca 3/6/0 (top bird today), Chiff 0/1/4, Greti 0/2/0.
Chaff-, Green- & Gold-finches, mainly juvvies, flew well above the nets on their way to the large willows bordering Fingers Lake, probably to drink.

The GCG's on the open section were carrying at least 1 "humbug". They've had a terrible season, thanks to the Coots taking over their nests and the terrapins (Red-eared & Yellow Bellied Sliders) munching the eggs.

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