Sunday, 12 July 2009

CES visit 8 - 11/07

What a day - drizzle for most of the morning. According to the forecast, it should have been just low cloud! That meant constant surveillance of the nets plus lots of shaking. Notwithstanding, a total of 38 birds were caught plus a dead Reed Bunting that we picked up (a breeding female ringed as a 4F in 2007), gotten by an avian predator, most likely one of the local Sparrs.

The only new adult bird was a 5M Reed Warbler, there were 25 new juvs of 10 species, and 10 retraps (5 of which were juvs). Wren 3, Dunno 7, Robin 3, Reewa 4, Garwa 2, Blaca 4, Chiff 7, Greti 2, Treec 1, & Bullf 3. A Dunnock and a Reed Warbler, both males, were notable retraps, being ring as 3J's in 2006; the male Bullfinch (caught with its 5F mate) was ringed as a 3M in October 2007.

Above & Below: This creeped its way into the net!

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