Sunday, 3 January 2010

10th day of Xmas

Quite a gathering of the clans at Chalton today. Repositioned feeding station attracted quite a few birds; a pity the majority were retraps but the new trainee, Roy, was pleased to get his eye in with them. Up near the offices, three nets fared a little better.

Graham set about finishing off the lining of the hut, ready for site staff to fix up the electrics (= light, heat and hot water). Mike was sent off to undo some (disused) gratings that we want to string across a ditch to allow the mower across.

Total catch for the session was 56 of which just 26 were new birds. Altogether, we handled 11 species.

Redwing - showing hut lining in the background!

Grey Wag 1, Pied Wag 3, Wren (1), Dunnock (2), Robin 5 (8), Blackie 5, Redwing 4, Blue Tit 3 (5), Gt Tit 4 (18), Chaffinch (1) & Greenfinch 1.

Just the one 2CY Redwing, an all too familiar trait this winter. The Robins were very variable, both in size (allowing for sex differences) and weights. Perhaps a few (long-winged) migrants mixed in with the locals.


Graham said...

Graham says
Shame you stood in front of it. Looks like a yellow-headed variety.

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