Sunday, 17 January 2010

Chalton STW 17/01/2010

A good turnout today with 6 members present in the form of Mike, Roy, Sue, Toni, Paul and myself. With the nets up at 8am we ringed through until 13:30.

A Green Sandpiper put in a brief appearance though not in the net and also a kingfisher was seen over the lagoons. Ducks present were Mallard 126, Little Grebe 4, Coot 4, Tufted Duck 24, Gadwall 23, ingfisher 1, Moorhen 4, Teal 2 and wigeon 3. Seemed strange that there was a shortage of coot and moorhen.

A total of 35 were caught consisting of 20 new/15 retraps as follows:
Greti 3/6, Robin 2/2, Bluti 7/2, Lotti 3/4, Dunno 0/1, Chaff 4/0 and Redwi 1/0 .
The electricity isn't connected yet, hopefully for next time.

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