Thursday, 13 May 2010

First acros

The set-up on the south side of the reed bed.

After a four week gap in ringing activities at Priory, an early morning start, with a decent frost on the ground, along the 'crescent'.

Cut middle section regrowing. Once a 'wash-out pit'

A male Reed W. jumped into the net almost immediately, some thing it repeated three times more over the next 4 hours. Keen or what?

Mr. Keen.

Just 10 birds in 2 nets with 4 new Reeds and 2 re-traps. My favourite - a Garden W, and my first of the year.

Male Garden Warbler.

Other birds were - new male Dunnock, retrap 2cy female Wren & a retrap male Gt. Tit.
I consider this to have been a reasonable start here. In 4 weeks time, the place will be swarming with anglers and ringing here becomes a bit hit and miss. Hoorah for CES (elsewhere on the site).


Birdringal-andalus said...

Exchange half my kingdom for being a working day in that place.
How lucky have some ...
Congratulations on these beautiful photos.
Fernando Gavilan

Errol said...

Thanks, Fernando. We would probably say the same about your site/area; put simply - "familiarity breeds contempt". E