Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Barnacle Goose round-up

Now have the final figures for the round-up on 11th July at Roxton.

Barnacle Geese - 298 ringed (146 retraps, 152 new); 40 birds left the scene unringed.
Of the 152 new birds, 72 had darvics added.
Greylag - 2 new, both had darvics added.
Canada Goose - 14 new birds ringed.

In 2010, at least 19 birds carrying darvics were seen elsewhere but not retrapped here, making the number of known birds at least 357 from a total of 403 marked since the 2003 moult. In total, 270 birds have had darvic colour rings added.

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Phil said...

Are they meant to look spooky? Good catch though E. Have a rest now.