Tuesday, 20 July 2010

CES 8 - Sunday 18 July

CES 8 at Waterloo Thorns completed this morning. Perfect conditions first thing spawned hope of a bumper session, but it was incredibly quiet - literally - very little bird activity of any kind. By 10am we only had 7 birds and were heading for a record low catch....until the inevitable tit flock hit. Happily this Paridae parade included a few hangers-on: treecreepers, willow warbler and goldcrest.

Final scores (new/retrap):
Wren 1/2
Treecreeper 1/2
Chiffchaff 2/0
Long-tailed Tit 4/2
Goldcrest 1/0
Willow Warbler 1/0
Great Tit 5/1
Robin 0/2
Blackcap 0/2
Bullfinch 0/2
Blue Tit 0/2

Guy Anderson

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