Wednesday, 12 November 2008

FS - Weds 12th Nov

Had to take advantage of the good weather. Young male Sparrowhawk chasing a Pied Wag and being harried by a Chaffinch as I walked across the wet meadow (08:15). Just got the 40' up when a Greenshank appeared overhead calling, but turned sharply NW as it reached me (08:30). Six Blackbirds in a bush by the feeders that left after eating. First bird was a new (1CY) female GRSWO. Siskins zipped about all morning - so no idea how many involved. Some wonderful views as they sat in the tree-tops with the sun full on them. Four more Blackbirds passed through (09:00). [I also had 2 lots of two later, plus the resident incumbents]. An early GRETI just happened to have been ringed in Box3, 100' away!! and another from Box5 [LH] later. I caught 3 BLUTI from Box1, which is also in the Rough.

Another early bird was the male GOLDC from 4 weeks ago. The first GREFI, today's target spp. came in at 09:20. Shortly after, nine Fieldfare passed along the 'long hedge'. Sky Larks flew SW calling every 5-10 minutes and I clocked at least a couple of dozen in the 4 hours. Another interesting sp. were two L.Redpoll that buzzed through quite late on. I counted 5 different Herons leaving the Fingers (lily-pads). Right at the end the only (1CY) GOLDF.

I nearly passed up two Chiffchaffs when I heard a loud "single" call repeated in the 'thorn hedge. I thought it was a Chaffinch until I saw " a small brown movement" instead of the expected "tricolour". The GREFI today seemed very wary; perhaps they could see the net in the bright sunlight. Not a bad morning's work!

Tally - AHY/HY/AHYr-t/HYr-t (for our American friends)
Greswo 0/1/1/0, Wren 0/0/0/1, Dunno 0/1/0/1,
Robin 0/0/0/1, Goldc 0/0/0/1, Bluti 0/5/2/4,
Greti 1/2/9/3, Grefi 0/8/0/1, Goldf 0/1/0/0/.

It is quite noticeable the difference between the tits;
Blue - 9 'age3' incl. 5 'new' and only 2 'age4+';
Great - 5 'age3' with only 2 'new' and 10 'age4+', 9 of which were re-traps.

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