Thursday, 6 November 2008

FS - Thurs 6th Nov

Taking advantage of a break in the wet and windy weather, a short mid-day session at Priory from 12 'til 2:30 at the feeding station produced 50 birds, 24 of these were new.
The best birds were GREFI with 16 new & 2 r/t; only 2 were adult and the sexes were even. Of the Grefi caught this year, a mere 8% have been retraps.

Six Greti were caught, one of which had been ringed by MFP at Park Wood NR as a pullus in May 2006 (4km distant across town).

Apart from a r/t female Grswo and a young male Chaff, the rest - naturally - were Bluti. Just 5 (20%) were new but KK09289 , who started life in May 2003, turned up and he is now about 100 days short of the IRG longevity record for the sp. The others were a good mix of old and young birds, split between the sexes.

The Siski and Goldf flew overhead and 'twittered' but came nowhere near the feeders.
DK flushed a Woodcock here last Fri. and found a Lesser Spot by the 'flower meadow', and later the Kramer hide, on Mon.

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