Friday, 14 November 2008

More garden! - 14th Nov

"Allo, me ole cock Sparra!"

Didn't intend to do any today, but succumbed at 08:00 after the early birds (mainly ringed Goldf) had fed.
Retrapped a young Dunno with an undershot bill. Surprise bird was a 3F Coati in the net with three unringed 3F Bluti about 10 o'clock; this was a FIRST for the garden.

Another "goodie" was a very large and heavy 3F Goldf. Its wing was 81.5/82 and its weight 17.6 - despite the fact that it only had 0.5 fat and pec 1. This is BIG for a C.c.britannica or nominate carduelis. It had obviously moved some distance recently as you could see the thin layer of fat lining the cavity. I suspect, after looking things up, that it was of the sub-species C.c.volganensis from the southern Ukraine or SE Russia supposedly on its migration south (to the Med./Italy).

A young Goldfinch still undergoing PJ moult - or has it stopped?

Todays total was 23 of 6 spp. comprising 14 Goldf (12 new), 2 Grefi, 4 Bluti, 1 Dunno, 1 Coati, 1 Chaff.

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