Saturday, 26 July 2008

CES V9 - 25/07

Friday - Hopes were high that we would achieve a better total today than we've been getting. The weather was set fair with little or no wind.
It turned out that we netted 5 adults, 19 juveniles and 3 retraps (27 of 11 spp).

Wren -/3/-, all pristine and obviously fresh
Robin -/3/-, 2 in full-blown PJ, the other had finished (O)
Blabi 1/1/-, the 2CY male was undergoing M, and had a broken tail right the way across (fault bar damage)
Reewa -/1/1, our first juv on this sub-site this year; the r/t was a CONTROL (R767831), first captured at FL on 07-05-08.
This bird was originally ringed at Willington by Mark T. on 31-07-05 as a 4M (1091days)
Leswh - -/1/-, what we presumed were the two parents were flying around with food
White -/1/-, a pristine bird!
Garwa -/2/-, both in different stages of BM, one quite advanced
Blaca 3/5/1, 4F, 5M in moult, 6F; the r/t was a 3JP male, the others still proper Js (no BM)
Chiff -/-/1, a male from 03/04 starting its BM prior to full M
Bluti -/1/-, another "escaped" young 'un, a female
Grefi 1/1/-, a %M and a 3JF

As the next period (10) starts on Sunday 3rd, will most likely do the Sheep-pen or another site (CHA?) next Sat. [away in Norfolk Sun/Mon]. We may get invited to undertake some ringing at the new "Sandy Smith Reserve" near Clophill.

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