Thursday, 17 July 2008

CES - visit 8, 17/07

Overcast, drizzle and showers; only good thing was the lack of wind!
Not the best of days. Incidentally, Dave Kramer also concurred that there is a lack of birds in the Rough this year. Need to give that veg one hell of a bashing next winter!!!

Wren -/1 J/3 (F & 2 Js)
Song Thrush 1/-/- (a 5M)
Reed Warbler - one of the ones (an 8M) from yesterday
Whitethroat -/-/1 (a tatty 5M)
Garden Warbler -/1/- (our 1st juv of the year)
Blackcap 1/4/- (now 14 M,13 F & 12 Js to date)
Chiffchaff -/1/1 (a male in heavy moult)
Blue Tit -/-/1 (male in moult)
Great Tit -/1/- (another 'escapee')

It was dead after 10:10. Visit 9 scheduled for 26th.

We have now had 719 handlings of 588 individual birds at PCP this year, of which 474 are new birds.

IRG Ringing Report No.9 for 2006-07 has now been distributed.

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