Saturday, 12 July 2008

Instead of BARGOs (12/07)

Bedford River Festival - aarghh!! No canoeists available for the Bargo round-up. Looks like it's going to be colour-ringing every second year from now ... unless???

Went to the back of the sheep-pen (PCP,LH) instead with Ed and Dave and put up c.300' in 4 areas. Tally for the morning (3-4 hours) was 9/5/8 (that's 9 new adults/5 new juvs/8 retraps); not bad considering it was blowing hard from the north.

So, Wren 3/2/-, Dunnock 1/1/1 (male ex R), Robin -/-/1 (from Feb), Blackbird 2/-/- (m & F), Les. W/throat -/-/1 (5F. from May ex R), White -/1/-, Blackcap -/-/2 (see below), Gt.Tit -/-/1 (Juv. r/t'd on last Tues on CES), Chaffinch 1/-/- (5M), & Bullfinch 2/1/2 (1 juv, the rest 5s) - this net set across the sow-thistles.

Blackcaps - both 6M, ringed as 3Js, both in R; one from 25-06-06, the second from 29-06-03, & r/t on 11-06-05 also in R, is a NEW group longevity record at over 5 years, which has stood for the last 11 years (H460700 @ THO).

Will post some piccies by the trainees later.

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