Monday, 21 July 2008

Waterloo Thorns CES8

Chris Bowden kindly ran CES at the Thorns for us on sunday 21st. Another slow session, with only 15 captures, but it did get breezy towards the end. At least he got few Sylvia warblers.

Blackcap 3/0
Whitethroat 2/0
Garden Warbler 2/0
Robin 1/0
Great Tit 1/0
Wren 2/1
Dunnock 0/2
Chiff 1/0

CES 9 planned for Sunday 27th July

Best wishes

1 comment:

Errol said...

Seems to be the way things are - low catches due to the poor weather (lack of youngsters) and birds busy re-nesting.