Thursday, 2 October 2008

Feeding station 02/10

The wind had died down so ...
A successful morning in the Rough with 36 captures of 10 spp; 4 new ad., 21 new imms., 11 re-traps (2 of which were adults).

Wren -/-/1, Sonth -/1/-, Redwi -/1/-,
Blaca -/2/-, Goldc -/-/1, Lotti -/-/1,
Bluti -/4/5, Greti 1/5/4,
Grefi 2/5/-, Goldf 1/2/-.

Both BC were in good condition if somewhat low on fat (F10,F15); M score was good, though. Perhaps recent passage immigrants? There was another male in the car park simultaneously.

The RE had 5 OGC and moulted T7 and retained T8,T9; it had also moulted Al1&2. This is not given in Jenni & Winkler. F1 & M2 with a long wing (>124), probably a male.

See the Priory blog for a list of other birds seen this morning

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