Monday, 27 October 2008

Perseverance pays off at last

A middle of the day session at the feeding station on a cold and, at times, blustery day with some late showers. The Blackcap moved from the 'long hedge' to 'the steps', by-passing the nets - so not able to see if it was a new one. Fifty birds in all, with one of those little green and yellow buggers at long last (a new species for the ringing list at PCP). Assisted by Andrew Cristinacce (he'll tell you how to pronounce this Corsican name).

As usual - new adults, new imms, re-traps:
Dunno 0/0/2 (incl H597265 from June 2003), Redwi 2/0/0 (where are the youngsters this year?), Goldc 0/0/1, Bluti 0/6/8 (incl 2 pulli from the boxes), Greti 0/1/1, Lotti 0/0/2, Chaff 0/2/2, Grefi 2/14/0, Goldf 0/3/0, Bullf 0/2/1, and SISKI 0/1/0.

3M (1CY) Siskin - 27-10-08 (2 ogc)

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