Friday, 17 October 2008

16th October

All day ringing session in the "Rough", followed by a morning after sesh to let the nets dry, produced 90 birds of 17 spp. Fifty of these were new, 10 adults & 40 1CY birds, plus 40 retraps. 76 were caught on 16th.

In the retraps were a Wren from May '05, Dunnocks from Aug '04 & Apr '06, Blue Tits from May '03 (ringed as a pullus), Oct '05 & Oct '06, and a Bullfinch from May '04.
Here's the list, new birds first (adults/1CY) then retraps last
Wren 0/1/3, Dunno 0/2/6, Robin 0/1/4,
Blabi 0/3/2, Sonth 0/0/1, Redwi 1/0/0,
Blaca 0/3/0, Chiff 1/2/0, Goldc 2/1/1,
Lotti 0/0/2, Bluti 2/6/11, Greti 0/2/6,
Housp 1/0/0, Chaff 0/1/0, Grefi 2/9/2,
Goldf 0/7/0, Bullf 1/2/1.

The finches did not materialise at the feeding station until midday and Gt. Tits were noticeable by their relative absence. The 3 Blackcaps were all carrying a fair amount of fat (30,35 & 40) but only one remained the following day; it was a full moon with clear skies and light winds, temperature dropping to 4C.

We probably ringed the 2,000th new bird for the year today.

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