Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It's started.

At last. This morning [7th October] saw a few more Goldfinches than previous.
In August, it was mainly juveniles that came to the feeders in my garden.
Then, in September, it was the PJs (24) and adults (6) in moult that came, most at the beginning of the month, but only on wet, windy or cold mornings.
Today saw 7 imms and 3 adults (finishing moult) trapped plus a few that 'got away' ("net happy"?)
Two of the adults were carrying fat (F10/15), which is unusual at any other time, and they must have been migrants.
So far this year, I have ringed 93 in the garden (+ 25 r/t's); another 68 (26 at PCP, 25 at Broom) have been ringed by us this year (+ 4 r/t's)

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