Monday, 10 August 2009

Chalton, CES11 - 9th August

The same tally as last week - 41 birds of 14 spp - but with a different make-up. The only new adult was a Chiff.

Namely - Wren 5/1, Dunno 2/3, Robin 0/1, Sonth 1/0, Sedwa 6/0, Reewa 4/0, Garwa 1/0, Blaca 2/0, Chiff 3/0, Lotti 2/1, Bluti 2/3, Greti 1/1, Treec 2/0.

The switch around in the warblers was very noticeable and the Treecreepers were an added bonus.

Minus the driver!

Graham wizzed round on the new (s/h) ride-on mower we bought for this site in just over an hour to keep the extensive system of rides and linking paths open. We still haven't got the cheapo strimmer going for lack of a bit of pipe. He also prepared the short flower meadow by close cutting a patch ready for the Mipits where we will employ all three tactics - mist net cage, spring traps & whoosh net.

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