Saturday, 15 August 2009

Priory CES v.11 on 15th August

A good job we set the nets up the night before because the first half of the session was ballistic. We had caught 40 birds by 8 o'clock with just the two of us (and we'd set another net on an adjacent site as a tester). However, after the Lord Mayor's Show, we were left with just 5 birds in the next 3 hours plus a couple of SDR's.

The catch itself was good with2 new adults, a 5F Song Thrush (still with a good, engorged BP), and a male Willy that had finished moulting (below). There were 39 new juveniles plus 2 retraps from earlier sessions. The other 2 retraps were a Blackie from 2004 and a 'Prune' from 2005, both males.

Adult Willow Warbler post summer moult
Note the white lower breast & belly

Juvenile (3P) Willow Warbler finishing its post-juvenile moult
Note the streaky yellow extending well down the belly

A good haul of young Blackcaps and also the awaited juvvy Goldfinches.
14 species [new/retrapped]: Wren 2/0, Dunno 1/1, Robin 4/1, Blabi 2/2, Sonth 4/0, Reewa 1/0, White 1/0, Garwa 3/0, Blaca 8/0, Chiff 2/0, Wilwa 4/0, Bluti 1/0, Greti 2/0, Goldf 6/0.

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