Saturday, 8 August 2009

Priory CES Visit 10

Sat 8th August. A fine day with light & variable winds. 42 birds of 15 species (beats Chalton!!) with just 6 recaptures.

Definitely on stream for a very good year - 95 NFY adults of 20 spp & 211 seperate juvs of 18 spp so far this season. 45 individuals re-trapped from previous years plus 262 fitted with 2009 rings. The juvvies should beat the 2004 and 1999 figures for the site (the last decent years) and might give 1994 a run for its money. On the other hand, we have only caught about 70% of the mean figure for adults in this year so far and it may be difficult to add another ~40 to the list.

Today's figures as follows (ad/juv/r-t): Woodp 1/0/0, Wren 0/2/0, Dunno 1/0/1, Robin 0/2/0, Blabi 0/3/1, Sonth 0/1/0, Reewa 1/2/0, Leswh 0/1/0, White 0/4/1, Garwa 0/5/0, Blaca 1/6/1, Chiff 1/0/0, Bluti 0/3/2, Grefi 1/0/0, Goldf 0/1/0.

The five Garden Warblers (age3) all carried a good amount of fat, with scores from F1.0 (one bird) to F3.0, F3.5 & F4.0. The pic below looks a bit fuzzy - 'cos the feathers over the breast/belly were in motion (not the DT's).

Every bird we caught today was undergoing some sort of moult. This male Blackcap (below) had a moult score of 25 with just the 3 outer primaries old (that includes the vestigial one). It had dropped one secondary and was renewing all its retrices (tail).

There was a Willow Warbler singing just outside the enclosure and a young Green Woody sallying back and forth noisily (well above the nets), followed by one of its parents.

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