Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chalton STW - CES V10, 2nd August

Moderate capture of 41 of 14 species, the majority being juveniles. The session ended up with the following ad/juv/r-t :

Wren 0/2/1, Dunno 0/2/0, Robin 0/2/0, Blabi 0/1/1, Sonth 0/0/1, Sedwa 0/0/1, Reewa 0/4/1C, White 0/4/0, Garwa 0/1/0, Chiff 0/5/0, Wilwa 0/1/0, Lotti 4/2, Bluti 0/2/3, Greti 0/3/0,

However, being a moderate catch, Sue made up for it by the discovery of a Broad-leaved Helleborine var. alba. According to Chris Boon, the plant recorder for Beds, this is the first time that this var. has been seen/recorded in Beds. Photo will follow, though the plant is beginning to go over now.

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