Friday, 23 October 2009

Eyes front

Friday - lovely day. Sunny, light winds, few birds.
An all-day session with just a couple of nets; should have put up more. Tally 34. of which 8 were thrushes. This should have been at least 2 more but for known escapees.

Scoreboard 23 (11): Houdini 1 (Wrigglearse 4), Robin 1, Blabi 3 foreigners, Sonth 2 non-locals, Redwi 3 inc 2 adults, one with a 127 wing, Lotti (1), Bluti 4 (1), Greti 3 (4), Chaff 1, Grefi 2, Goldf 3, Bullf (1 - bad case of leg mange).

Quite a few Sky Lark on the move today, throughout the day. Also invaded by hoardes of Harlequins mid afternoon. Painted Lady & Red Admiral in finest apparel, taking the sun together; also a Comma. Several Southern & Migrant Hawker dragons whizzing about over the patch.

While supping a coffee, had an interesting 'warbler' clamber through the ivy just 12 feet in front of me. Pity it was so fleeting.

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