Friday, 9 October 2009

Two degrees

Friday: That was the temperature when I arrived to set the nets. Not a bad day considering I had to pack up at noon, long before any signs of rain (a few spots at 3pm). 27 birds caught, 8 of which were r/ts, using just the main dog-leg of 4.

A brightly marked immature Wren (5 ogc)

Wren 2 (1), Dunno 1, Robin 1 (1), Blabi (1), Chiff 1 [adult female abientinus type on call and wing], Lotti 1 (1), Bluti 3 (2), Greti 5 (2), Chaff 4, Grefi 1.

A first year Robin (5 ogc) with grey feathers on its nape & back.

A pleasant day, if cold. There was a definite increase in finches overnight, especially Chaffinch. I also had 4 Redwing over, 5 Song Thrushes all "high-fliers", 2 Blackcap, a Gt. Spot atop the lone Alder in the 'rough', 4 Mipits SE, 4 Sky Larks S, 3 Golden Plover SE, a Kestrel hunting, a Buzzard over W then returned E, just one Siskin, and a slow flying flock of 40-50 Wood Pigeons going S. DK also had a Fieldfare. He had also noticed some "migratory restlessness" among the Dunnocks, so they're obviously "shuffling" their territories around for the winter.

Our warbler catches this year are, in most cases, up on 2008 (in brackets). We've put in slightly more effort this year. New birds only.
Cetti's 0 (3), Sedge 26 (23), Reed 75 (76), Lesser 23 (13), W/throat 112 (35), Garden 27 (24), Blackcap 170 (111), Chiff 143 (88), Willow 30 (23). Garden Warbler is still suffering and Willow is not making much of a so-called 'improvement' in the south of England.

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