Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Trying hard

13th and 14th: ringing at Priory late afternoon and the following morning. The afternoon was bright and sunny and pleasantly warm. The morning session took place after rain and under a high overcast.

Combined totals: Sparr 1 [a 3F], Wren 1 (2), Dunno 1 (4), Robin 1, Blabi 1, Lotti 1 (4), Bluti 4 (5), Greti 9 (10), Treec (1), Grefi 7, Goldf 4, Bullf 1 (1).

Vis mig - not much going on prior to dusk, just the 'local' (used advisedly) Blackbirds, Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Greenfinch coming in high to roost. I did manage to nab a few of the latter two. In the morning, the first sightings were of 7 Fieldfare W and 7 Siskin from roost. Later 5 Redwing S, 4 Mipits SE & 2 W, 8 high-flying Blackbirds, 6 Sky Lark SW, & 15 Goldfinch in from the N.

The newly captured Greenfinch were all carrying a reasonable amount of fat (F15/20) and one could see that it had been utilised recently. The Goldfinch were carrying less fat (as they always seem to do), generally around F10 but with a good muscle score (2). The female Blackbird looked a bit suspicious with some faint grey edgings to the body feathers.

The Gt. Tit stats were interesting, even if just for their "equality"; 4M-3, 4F-3, 3M-7, 3F-6. I would expect even sexing and about 1:2 adults:1CY birds over a decent run in early/mid-winter. We know that in winter the ratio of Gt. Tits to Blue Tits has increased here over the last three/four years (from our counts/trapping figures). A decade ago, we would have caught twice as many Blue Tits as Great.

However, we did retrap Bluti A761442 again; he has had his ring on for 7 years 107 days now. We also recaptured a regular 2005 male Dunnock today.

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