Saturday, 3 October 2009


Took a walk along the Embankment and across Mill Meadows looking for c-r swans. I also found at least 11 cygnets looking for a bit of bread ... and a colour ring perhaps?

I came across 7 birds that I could identify from their orange colour rings. There were a few others with just the BTO ring; whether a c-r had ever been fitted or was simply lost was impossible to tell.

502, a resident male often recorded, was first ringed in September 2002 as f.g..

549, another younger male, was ringed as a 5 in March 2004.

578, an 8 male & 579 a 7 male were both ringed this summer.

590 (a male) was first ringed back in August 1993. It has not been re-caught since then, until a c-r was added in July this year.

454 was ringed as a 5 in January 2002 and subsequently identified as a male.

426 is a female. She was colour ringed as an adult in October 2001 but her metal ring was from October 1992, making her the second oldest bird "on the books". She is obviously quite a bit older than the 17 years since first handled and steadfastly remains on the Embankment.

Meanwhile, at Priory, female 500 again has 3 cygnets that need "catching up". Mum was first ringed in July 2003 as a 5 (2CY). She has had several 'boy friends' but now seems to be settled with this one (unringed).

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