Saturday, 27 March 2010

Mr and Mrs

A leisurely morning at Priory. Me and Ed. 400 foot plus went up and still had a couple of nets and poles left in the car. (The rest are packed away for the move). One more go after this before pre-CES shutdown.

Not a bad morning, considering the weather - a patchwork of bright spells, cloud, and squally winds ahead of short showers. We caught 16 birds in all, with 11 newcomers to the patch.

Blue Tit 3 (2) - including a pairing of 5's, possibly 2.
Great Tit 1
Lotti (1) - a lonesome male
Chiff 2 - one of each. the male toured the nets at a height of 30-40 feet
Wren 1 - a surviving young lassie
Blackbird 1 - a local 5F
Song Thrush 2 - both males, in the net together, a 5 & a 6
Chaffinch 1 (2) - 2 known fellas irritating a lady

A little bit of id skills below - 5M Chaffinch with 1 ogc and imm tail.

Browner ogc just visible

Clinched on tail shape and wear

We had 2 Blackcaps in the area but they were very reluctant today to show themselves, as they had done yesterday on my walk round the site. One's definitely got a ring on.

A good number of Smarties around early on, perhaps 60+. During the 4-5 hours of our stay, we saw 12 Swallows moving west, which is not unusual for us in spring (in autumn they move east).

We are switching to the new BOU sequence - it'll be painful for a while.

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