Saturday, 13 March 2010

Not much doing

Long Hedge Coppice plots - 2008/09 (furthest) & 2009/10

Sat: Wandered into the 'Sheep Pen', part of the 'Long-hedge' coppice plantation.

Contemplated some ringing. Why not? So I did.

Feisty Female Chaffinch - 6F

My meagre efforts resulted in just 8 birds.
A new 2CY male Song Thrush, 2 retrap male Blue Tits, 2 new 2CY Great Tits and 3 female Chaffinches.

Maple rack - looking NW; 10yr old coppice RH, 5yr old coppice LH.

10 yr coppice - next winter's cut, 2010/11

8yr old coppice - due to be cut 2011/12

Blackthorn rack - 4 yr old coppice

I'll take some more 'record shots' later in the spring - when it's all leafed up.

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