Sunday, 7 March 2010

No stamina, some folk!

Well. I woke up early. Got going early. Arrived early. Walked around a bit (minus 4C). Opened the gate. Shut the gate. Waited the best part of half an hour but no takers. Got in the car and went home. Pointless knackering oneself, lugging all that gear across a wet meadow just on the off-chance of some birds.

Put up a 40' in the garden and waited. Too much sun. Wind got up, as well. Temperature didn't (plus 4C). Never mind; bound to catch something. Need 16 birds, any sort will do, to fill the page in my ringing book.

Jo! Klokka hal' ├ątta. En stillitz - endog to!

Well, they came slowly, two at a time (could be a norsk pun there). Next half eight, then half ten, half eleven, half twelve, half two, and a late rush about four. Happily, I had other things I could do to fill the time. Alot of this ringing is a waiting game. Arnold Zwetsloot 'phoned for a chat and mentioned that they had shut the trap until next winter. They had also run out of 'F' rings on the last session and had to let 30 ducks go. Naturally, the rings turned up soon after!

Anyway, back to today. Ended up two short, but ten new birds - as follows:
Wren (1) - regular 2CY female
Dunnock (1) - one of several that feeds under the shrubbery
Blackbird 3 - a 6F, a 6M & a 5M
Goldfinch 5 (2) - a bit of return movement; 4 males, 2 females
Greenfinch 1 - yesterday there were half a dozen or so, today just two

Hoping to get another Norfolk morning in this week (two weeks on the trot), as I have to attend Jenny's mum's funeral.
Priorities, my boy!
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Phil said...

That sounds like one of my sessions at the mo Errol - not much happening for a week or two. Soon be spring! My verification word is "borer"!!!

Errol said...

If I hadn't wasted time at the park, i'd have caught the early birds!