Monday, 29 September 2008

The magician was missing

Nicky's first visit to Chalton was missing some of Merlin (aka Martin) the magician's magic! Hardly a surprise!

M'ipits were the target species. M'ipits were the not the only species to avoid the nets! An enjoyable trip, but a largely dissapointing weekend for the numbers of birds. See "Selected Recoveries" regarding the control Goldfinch - certainly worth the effort.

Graham says the conditions were just about the same as the weekend before but obviously something had changed - but what?

Above: A Meadow Pipit. The only M'ipits we caught were in the spring traps. Observations seem to suggest that the main passage of M'ipits seems to have passed as fewer numbers were seen this weekend.

We also had a possible Honey Buzzard of the light variation but it was impossible to distiguish exact plumage and easily confused with the Common Buzzard, also of the light variation. At one point, it did appear to be mobbed by the Common Buzzards but as there is some doubt, we would have to go with the Common Buzzard.

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