Wednesday, 30 September 2009

September finale

After a warm night (14C) we (DTH & I) erected the nets under an overcast sky. As hopes did not run high, we stuck a net across the feeding station, too.

Just as well as we caught 14 tits in this net (8 Greti, 6 Bluti). All told, we had 38 birds, 14 of which were retraps. We caught our 60th Chiff of the year at this site today, even if we had to 'tape lure' it. (see below)

Totals: Wren 1 (1), Dunno (5) [= the ringers' friend!!], Robin 1, Blabi 0 (1) [this one a 5M from 1st May 2005], Sonth 1, Blaca 3 [all 3's, 1M, 2 F], Chiff 1 [4M], Bluti 6 (3), Greti 7 (3), Treec 1 (1), Chaff 2, Goldf 1.

Border control?

Hope springs eternal and we shall be back here again soon. October has always been good to us - when the weather holds!

A newly emerged Grasshopper spp.

PS. I always reckon that September and October are like chalk and cheese; if one is brill, the other is shi*e for ringing. I'm keeping my legs crossed.

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Matt said...

your grasshopper looks like an Oak Bush Cricket.