Sunday, 6 September 2009

Between times

Now that the CES programme is concluded for another year. we have set about starting up the feeding station again. Feeders and nuts bought ... and the first now in place. It's hanging on a 'wire' from a branch of the Laburnam, the one with original NB3 that was heavily vandalised by the "Peckers".

Looking up "our approach alley" towards the net background.
The other feeder usually hangs alongside the nuts.

It is an innovative design from the RSPB, where the 'squirrel' cage lifts off over the hanger - nice and quick and easy to fill/clean. Just need to wait for results.
Of course, this involved cutting out the appropriate net lane ready, since the veg has grown tremendously over the last 10 months. In places the nettles were a good three foot and the Elders have reached well over two metres. There are also some small Blackthorn regens which we will have to hit where they occur in the rack.

Feeding station - 40 foot rack.
Feeder just left of dead centre, tucked out of sight behind Elder bush

The ground was bare last winter when it was completely cleared of trees/bushes by BTCV & ourselves. Next job - put up the seed feeder - and await "the Squizzers".

Throughout September, we will endeavour to trap as many of the remaining and transient warblers as possible, before turning our attention to the tits, finches and thrushes, our core winter rations. There's always a second rush to leave these shores ... and we have to join in keeping Icklesham on there toes!

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