Friday, 25 September 2009

Day 3 - not bad

Retrices - with much white.

Once again we (Ed & I this time) got things going at 7 am. The 240' run just had to be unfurled and so we then set up 2x forties, one by the feeding station, the other in the bottom corner where it doesn't catch much but turns up the odd 'goodie'.

First job, ring three 3M Blackcaps, then a stint at the feeders before Ed left for work. One of those birds was a Blue Tit, A761442, which was a shade under 7 years & 3 months since it was ringed as a juvvy at the end of June 2002. Two more 'old' Gt. Tits were captured after Ed went, but not in the same league! Prize of the day was a Lesser 'throat, that caused IPMR to "cough" when I put in a wing length of 72.5mm. Halimondendri type I ask myself? This is the 2nd latest, the other being a scraggy female (on size) that had fat1/muscle 1 caught on the 27th last year. [Late Sept. records - there have been 2 on 14th, 1 on 16th, 1 on 18th (involving 3 birds) & 2 on 19th before] .


Todays count, 19 (9): Woopi 1 (a juv), Robin 1 (1), Blaca 3, Leswh 1, Chiff 1 (our 59th this year here), Bluti 5 (4), Greti 3 (5), Chaff 2, Goldf 2.


There was a weak passage of Mipits, a few Sky Larks through and, to top it all, a Nuthatch [8th record] calling like mad, close by where I had the first record for the park back in August 1991. DK had a Jay.

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